What is Your Definition of Technology?

Technology is not a precise science, even though there are people who would like to make technology so. The best definition of technology is that it is any technological creation that increasing the level of efficiency and effectiveness of human enterprise. That definition is therefore highly relative and is more important than its exact definition.

For instance, a hammer is a tool that makes work easier. But the type of hammers available today ranges from modern industrial hammers to ancient digging hammers. On the other hand, we can look at the definition of technology in a less literal sense. Take an umbrella for example. In its broadest sense, the umbrella is made up of several categories of objects. At its most basic level, that definition would be a tool that can open or close. However, within each of those categories, there are dozens of types of tools, each suited to a specific task.

In more practical terms, though, the definition of technology becomes more specific. Take electricity for example. There are many different ways to make and use electricity. A person can use a light bulb to light a room or a calculator to compute the result of a mathematical equation. Those things are both technically electrical inventions, but they are also examples of technological innovations.

The computer, on the other hand, is the ultimate example of a technological invention. It is no longer simply a machine that stores information or allows people to access the Internet. Instead, it enables individuals to interact with each other through a series of tasks using a keyboard, mouse, screen, and a variety of other things that all combine to form a very complex computer system. This definition includes all types of computers, including mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other devices.

That leads to another question. What is your definition of technology, then? Is it technology per se, or is it more of an understanding of how technology interacts with human beings? For instance, is the definition of technology that we have today more about human interaction than about technology? And if so, why do you think that is?

Most definitions of technology do not include this question, because defining something is a very difficult thing to do. After all, every definition of technology is going to be influenced by who creates it, how it is used, what it is used for and so on. Each new type of technology is defined in terms of these previous forms, and each time a new piece of technology is created, old types of technology are also affected in some way.

So, what is your definition of technology? It is an attempt to pinpoint the original source of something. The definition does not necessarily have to include technology itself. It could only be a way of describing something. It might say that technology exists when things are able to be sent over a network without the need for a human being to physically get there. That would be an example of what is technology, but it does not actually define what technology means.

What is your definition of technology? I think technology is simply the definition of progress. In computer science, the advancement of technology is measured in terms of computers, and their capabilities over human-made systems. In engineering, the advancement of technology is measured in terms of the overall effect that it has, on the human race. And in political science, technology is the baseline definition of how politics will operate in the future, because technology inevitably affects all aspects of our society.

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